Taster Courses

Egyptology Online runs occasional FREE “Taster Courses”, which are open to anyone with an Internet connection. These courses are designed to introduce you to our teaching staff, and to allow you to experience eLearning before committing to a more formal (paid) course.

Please note. Our Taster Courses are run on various commercial platforms: you will register for your chosen course via the relevant platform and not via Manchester University. This means that, though they are broadly similar in style and structure to our more formal courses (Short Courses in Egyptology, the Certificate in Egyptology and the Diploma in Egyptology), these Courses are not identical to our formal courses. In particular, none of these Taster Courses has the level of tutor engagement that you will find on our other courses.

Blue: a free symposium exploring aspects of life in ancient Egypt (Udemy)

This Symposium, presented by experts, is the on-line equivalent of our regular February study day. It is permanently available:

BLUE: a symposium exploring aspects of life in ancient Egypt

A History of Egypt in Six Objects

A six-week introduction to ancient Egypt, based on the collections of the Manchester Museum. This course ran successfully in 2015 on the Corsera platform, attracting over 20,000 students.

It is now closed for re-design: it will re-open later in 2016 on the Udemy platform. Please keep checking here for further details.

Warfare and Weapons in Ancient Egypt (Canvas)

This course is now closed and will re-open in February 2017.

Ancient Egypt with Mumford the Mummy

Mumford the Mummy

A series of short, online lessons about ancient Egyptian history and geography for children aged about 7-10 years old.

Ancient Egypt with Mumford the Mummy has been developed to make learning about ancient Egypt interesting, but also fun and engaging. The lessons use a thematic approach to learning, so activities include creative writing, art, mathematics and music. Students will meet kings and queens (including Tutankhamen), read about gods and goddesses, practice writing hieroglyphs, and learn how to mummify an orange.

The software can be used on any PC, laptop or mobile learning device. Lessons can be set as homework or can be delivered in a classroom. Visit Mumford and his friends.